Kwaremont, brewed carefully for all cyclists.

Kwaremont is a beer brewed for leaders.
But especially for everyone who loves cycling.

Kwaremont is the ultimate reward after every ride. By your own force or with some assistance. Short or long. On cobblestones or asphalt. At a fast or slow pace.

Kwaremont suits every season of the year.
A passionate cyclist never takes a rest.

It’s that passion that unites us to share a refreshing Kwaremont and a new Kware-moment.

Entice out the leader inside you and try it for yourself.

Kwaremont is just like the killer climb of the Oude Kwaremont in the Flemish Ardennes: fiery and packed with character. This full malt beer delivers that jolt of liquid sugar you crave after pedalling your heart out. What’s in it for you? A distinctive, thirst-quenching finish with 6.6% of alcohol content to match the steepest of inclines.

Top fermentation.
Beer style
Full-flavoured blonde.
Colour and clarity
Clear bronze colour with a firm head.
Aroma and flavour
Smooth, full flavour with a light, pleasant bitterness and a spicy touch. Hoppy character.
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A kware moment for all cyclists!


It doesn’t matter if you climb the infamous Oude Kwaremont or have a cosy get-together in your own garden: a Kwaremoment is always a special experience! It’s only logical that you want to capture your heroic effort or relaxing moment and share it with your friends, family, colleagues, fans, etc. as soon as possible.

Share your favourite #Kwaremoment on Instagram. Who knows, maybe your picture will be immortalized on a beer mat or awarded with a VIP ticket for a fun race!

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Kwaremont shop

Looking for a nice gift for yourself or your friends and family? Ride your bike to our Kwaremont e shop! We have nicely upgraded our cycling gear and we have extended a casual clothing line when not riding. Furthermore we created small gifts and beer packages. Something for everybody!

Kwaremont 0.3

Discover all the goodness of Kwaremont without the alcohol. For those who want to peak early and keep going.

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